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北美名校直通班 (2+1+X)  项目介绍

North America Top University Pathway Program (2+1+X)


Limai Chinese American School’s North America Top University Pathway Program (2 + 1 + X) offers diversified international curriculum tailored for high school students. The curriculum emphasizes on offering pathway to Canadian high school. The first two years students will be studying fundamental Chinese and Canadian integrated courses in China. Students will be exposed to the immersion of Chinese English bilingual teaching, small class, and foreign teachers' differentiated teaching. Students will later use their GPA score to apply to Limai's affiliated high schools, such as the Greater Victoria School District, for one year to obtain a Canadian high school diploma. Students will seize this opportunity to apply to top universities, and study their undergrads in Canadian or the United States universities. The school is responsible for the students' overseas studies, daily life, and safety and security throughout the process.


加拿大留学优势Advantages of studying in Canada


Education Quality - the quality of teaching is prominent around the world, with high academic qualifications; it complies with the United States’ education system, and it is convenient to transfer to the United States and Canada schools.

Public-Led - Most public undergraduate programs are certified by the Ministry of Education of China, with a wide range of specialties and guaranteed quality.

Cost-Effective- university tuition + living expenses are equivalent to 130,000-220,000 (RMB) per year.

Student Work Permit - international students can obtain work permit during their undergraduate study. Students may work 20 hours a week to accumulate practical experience.

Easy to Immigrate – Canada favors Chinese students' immigration. Students can obtain two to three years' work permit after two years of studying, and one year's work experience can apply for immigration.



North America Top University Pathway Program
100% 升入北美名牌大学,省时、省钱、高性价比、低风险。

100% guarantee to top universities in North America, save time, save money, cost-effective, and low risk.
International High School Courses G9-G12 for non-Beijing students



Eight advantages to help students open the door to top schools.


1. Obtain a Canadian high school diploma.

2. Guarantee acceptance to Canadian or the United States' undergraduate program.

3. Focusing on helping students to quickly transition to a full English learning environment, and improve their English level substantially.

4. Prepare for independent study and adaptation in North American universities in advance.

5. No need to take the SAT / ACT or AP exams. The average high school score can be used to get into a prestigious school in Canada.

6. Enjoy the preferential policies of Canada's high school graduates entering University without a college entrance examination.

7. If English is not up to the standard, you are admitted by Canadian university conditionally. After the language level is up to the standard, you can directly enter the undergraduate courses.

8. Guarantee a safe living environment in North America. Students' overseas learning and living will be held responsible throughout the process.

北美名校直通班  课程设置

North America Top University Pathway Program

  1. 威尼斯2年双语教学,加拿大1年全英文国际课程。

    Two years of bilingual teaching at Limai, and one year of all English international course in Canada.

  2. 为每位学生量身打造个性化学业规划、留学方案。

    Create differentiated academic plans and college counseling for each student.

  3. 定期测评,动态监督学生的学习进度和效果,及时更新学习方案。

    Regularly evaluate, dynamically supervise students' learning progress and results, and update the learning plan in time.





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